Help for the Winter



According to an article and podcast posted by WashU in October of 2020, there are somewhere around 1,800 unhoused people in the St. Louis metro area. With the federal eviction moratorium possibly ending, this number is likely to increase and has the potential to do so at a frightening pace. 

So let’s try to help. 

It may still be hot, but it’ll be winter before we know it. We have put together an Amazon wishlist full of supplies to help the unhoused population in general, but especially during the colder months. We also did our best to keep everything on the list affordable, so please take a look and purchase as you are able. 

Our plan is to get together around the start of October to package everything into bags and then head out to pass them out ourselves. 

Please reach out if you have any questions at all. Thank you so much!



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