New Merch Is Here!

It’s time for new merch and this time we have an entire outfit for you: the hoodie, the joggers, and a beanie! Buy one, two, or all three pieces. But remember what we’ve said from the beginning: if you want to wear our merch, you HAVE to do the work. What better way to reward your boots on the ground in our community with these pieces! The presale will run for 3 weeks to ensure the most people can purchase. Because of this, these items will NOT be available before Christmas. All are designed by our only print shop, Belleville Screen Printing Company. Printing and embroidering are done right here in the metro STL area.

As with our last merch, all proceeds are going to charity and this time we chose New Dimensions Soccer. New Dimensions is a local organization that hosts after-school programs in city schools, an 8v8 league, weekly training sessions, the popular 4v4 Watermelon League, and various 4v4 “grassroots soccer” events for children living in under-resourced areas of STL.

While monetary donations help, they also have several volunteer roles including coaches, basic field maintenance, general cleanup, helpers, field setup, concession workers, field marshals, and more. If you can spare some time, we encourage you to check their website and volunteer!

Now, on to the merch!



grey and black cuffed beanie with The Thieves logo embroidered

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